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customized offers to take care of your specific concerns

Our Offers

Training (1, 2 or 3-day Seminars)

Development (3 – 6 month long live online programs)

  • Working Effectively in Small Teams (WEST): Using an MMPORG as a laboratory for adults to practice and learn new ways of being with each other in the workplace.

  • From Salesperson to Ambassador of Possibilities (AoP): Restoring dignity to a fundamental human skill by learning to orchestrate moods, cultivate trust and produce new futures.


  • Opportunity Management System (OMS): A CRM-agnostic set of distinctions and interpretations for more accurate revenue forecasting and prioritizing your capture resources.

  • SalesStar: CRM tools focus on the what, when and who. This customizable app uses our neuroeconomics framework to give your sales force the “how.”

  • Proposals as a Project: A robust project plan to more accurately predict B&P budgets while organizing all of the steps from pre-RFP stage through contract signing.