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Oct 25, 2019 – 1:00p–1:30p (eastern) Register on ZOOM



Oct 4-6, 2019 Society of Neuroeconomics, Dublin, Ireland

To schedule a conversation for possibilities, please call +1-817-239-6394 or email

Oct 14-16, 2019 Association of the United States Army, Washington, DC

To schedule a conversation for possibilities, please call +1-817-239-6394 or email

Dec 2-6, 2019 ITTSEC, Orlando, FL

To schedule a conversation for possibilities, please call +1-817-239-6394 or email



"Using Neuroeconomics to Accelerate Your Revenue Growth."

Tue, Dec 10th, Tower Club, Tyson's Corner, VA. 8:00am - 12:00pm: Register here

View the Event Brochure: Click here


"Growing Revenue by Learning to Engineer the Sale."

Fri, Jan 10th, Metro DC (Location TBD), 8:00am - 5:00pm: Register here


Starting January 2020 -

Ambassador of Possibilities: A New Orientation to Sales

We live in a world of evolving possibilities, but we often become trapped and fail to see possibilities that are available or that are emerging around us. An Ambassador of Possibilities ™ is someone who is able to expand their clients’ ability to discover new possibilities for themselves. He or she actively cultivates his or her mood to be in a mood of exploration about the future that is coming. He or she projects the identity of someone who is engaged in conversations about the future, and brings his or her clients to participate in those conversations so as to enable them to navigate with more confidence and in a less anxious and reactive manner.

To become an Ambassador of Possibilities ™ we must develop certain fundamental skills: The ability to listen expansively for concerns and possibilities, the ability to build and restore trust, the ability to make and listen to assessments, the ability to navigate away from moods that restrict us and/or our clients, and to cultivate moods that open possibilities instead. In contrast to a person that is oriented to deal with immediate breakdowns or to solve existing problems, an Ambassador of Possibilities is distinguished by a certain kind of sensibility—a sensibility for the emerging future and how this shows up as new possibilities for clients.

Learning these skills takes times and immersive practice, along with guided reflection and observation. Just like you can’t learn to play an instrument by memorizing an instruction book, these skills cannot be learned simply by following rules, instructions or techniques, or by simply attending a workshop. Our course, Ambassador of Possibilities™, is designed to develop these skills over a course of 5 months, with weekly practice and discussions.

Starting January 2020.

US $6,000 per person

Format: Weekly Video Conferences + Readings

For more information about the course and registration, please contact Jeff Goldfinger at