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putting the H2H in B2B
grows relationships and revenue

Deepika Bajaj

Twenty years of experience, expertise in helping companies take care, know and serve their customers with innovative technology services and products. Building marketing practices to take care of customer's concerns, build trust and increase sales. Broad industry experience includes high tech, mobile advertising, gaming, academic publishing, life sciences, semiconductor, and artificial intelligence. Sought after speaker and advisor. A multi-published author, the Co-Founder of ActiveGarage and Founder of Invincibelle. A recognized leader, speaker and award-winning entrepreneur and has been featured in magazines, radio and television spotlights in top-tier outlets such as WE magazine, FOX and SmartBrief. I help professionals become self-aware, self-confident, and self-recreate to have a meaningful, purposeful and powerful life.


Sarah Blake

With nearly two decades experience serving high-tech companies in roles as varied as human resources, project management, business development, and strategic marketing I have mastered the fundamental communications skills required to uncover underlying concerns of clients at all levels of expertise. With undergraduate degrees in Communications and Sociology, an M.S. in Organizational Leadership, and a Qualified Trainer in DiSC and The Five Behaviors (of Cohesive Teams) I help individuals and teams build more effective and productive relationships.