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accomplished professionals teaching you how to feed yourself for life

Company Founder / Educator

Jeff Goldfinger’s aerospace & defense career spans more than three decades. While on active duty in the military, he taught at some of their most prestigious institutions including the Naval Strike & Air Warfare Center and Naval Postgraduate School earning high praise as an educator and presenter. While in industry, he has been an invited speaker for conferences, symposia and short courses held on five of the seven continents. He founded Xtra Mile Training in 2013 to pursue his passion for teaching and helping others “learn how to fish so they can feed themselves for life.” Click for a detailed bio.

"We are about creating a new way of being that restores the human connection."



Sarah Blake has nearly two decades experience serving high-tech companies in roles as varied as human resources, project management, business development and strategic marketing. Each of these roles requires the kind of fundamental communications skills embraced by Xtra Mile’s human-to-human framework. As a former student of multiple courses taught by our company’s founder, Sarah was exposed to the “hard science behind the soft skills” that are essential to working more productively and producing more revenue. When the opportunity arose to join our growing team, she eagerly chose to help us bring our message of “Putting the H2H back into B2B” to a larger audience. With undergraduate degrees in Communications and Sociology, an M.S. in Organizational Leadership, and a follower of Dr. Fernando Flores’ teachings, Sarah is well-positioned to help us achieve our mission.




John Oelschlaeger is an accomplished business leader and general manager, with over 35 years of experience in the Aerospace, Defense and Security industries. His passion and expertise in developing people and leading high performance teams has been widely recognized by his employers, employees, customers and business partners. Today, John is President of Finish Well Partners, a management consulting and executive coaching practice focused on developing leaders capacity to achieve more sustainable business outcomes through effective human connection and communications.